Karl Motton

BSc (Hons) Product Design Graduate
Bristol, UK



Zen noun.  a practice of Mahayana Buddhism that asserts: enlightenment can be attained through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition rather than through faith and devotion.

This design aims to increase awareness surrounding the importance of mental health within a working environment. The inconspicuous form isn’t directly indicative of its true function with the aim of avoiding any social stigmas attached to existing medical products. This gives the user an increased confidence in using Zen whilst going about their daily lives.

The functional aspects of Zen are built around the key principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The lighting features several fade sequences with varying time increments allowing the user to find balance in their daily lives through the synchronisation of their breathing.

The product is also capable of delivering a soothing oil based fragrance through integrated humidification which further supports this meditative process.

Jonathan Semyonov

Product designer
Sheffield, England



AutoVac is a fast, easy and convenient way to keep your vehicle dust, crust and crumb free. Designed to be stored inside the side door pocket of most modern vehicles AutoVac is your way of preventing your vehicle building up dust and debris in the interior.

The vacuum cleaner runs from any 12v power socket in your vehicle and the innovative turbine design coupled with cyclone technology means it will never loose suction. The vacuum cleaner is designed to be stored in the vehicle permanently and used as a prevention mechanism to keep the interior tidy.

From the daily school runners to the cleanliness perfectionist AutoVac is designed for you. The design is extensively considered for manufacturing and real world production, AutoVac uses a variety of materials for a premium feel while also keeping the manufacturing costs to a minimum, using modern tooling considerations.

Emilios Farrington-Arnas

Industrial Designer
Director at Made in Brunel
London, UK


Maptic - Tactile Navigation for the Visually Impaired

Being told that you have a lifelong, incurable, eyesight problem is a terrifying prospect; one that is very difficult to come to terms with. For the vi sually impaired, retaining independence in day-to-day life is important, however, navigation can be a long-winded, potentially unsafe process, especially in new environments or at night. Simple tasks like travelling to work can become arduous and time consuming and more often than not, need planning beforehand.

Maptic is a system of wearable sensory devices, consisting of a visual sensor and vibrationing feedback units. These customisable, personalisable modules can be worn without attracting the stigma that current assistive products harbour, while still accurately detecting objects in the visual field and transmitting them into intuitive vibrations on the body. Using the sense of touch frees up hearing for detecting immediate dangers, which is the dominant sense when visually impaired.

Along with immediate hazard perception, an included high contrast, bold app allows Maptic to pair with users smartphones. Utilising the phone’s GPS, the app can navigate the user to chosen destinations via vibrations to the left and right sides of the body when the user needs to turn.

Either disguised as jewellery or clips or worn as statement pieces, Maptic is entirely adaptable to the individual and their style preferences. Swapping out the cable for a pin or clip allows the units to be concealed around the body, and can be worn on belts, in pockets, or clipped onto shirts.

Gerry Mayer

Industrial Designer
Founder of GMAY3 Design
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hi! I'm Gerry, and I'm a Designer, Maker, and Engineer. My whole life, I have been curious about how things are made and how we use objects and technology to interact with our world and each other. Raised by an Artist and an Engineer, I grew up feeding my creativity by building things and taking things apart, turning sketches into real working objects and I just can’t get enough! I have a passion for learning and I’m always working on projects and hobbies in my free time.

I graduated from Villanova University in 2012 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2013, I started GMAY3 Design, an Industrial Design consulting company that I actively run in my mornings, nights, and weekends. Since starting GMAY3 Design, I’ve gained a ton of valuable Industrial Design experience, designing for clients such as GCW-Zero, Hooke Audio, and Microsoft.

I'm a self taught Industrial Designer and what started as a hobby quickly developed into a true passion. Through the power of the internet and the generosity of the ID community, I was connected with amazing teachers and ID professionals that challenged me and helped guide me on this path.

In Fall 2017 I will be attending the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Master of Design, Industrial Design program and I could not be more excited and thankful!



StereoSpace is a portable, two part Bluetooth speaker that puts you in command of your music, wherever you go. Most portable Bluetooth speakers have internal speakers that are so close together, you are essentially listening to your music in mono. StereoSpace improves on this listening experience by allowing the listener to separate StereoSpace into two halves and set them up a few feet apart, in front of them. This positioning of the left and right speakers allows for a rich stereo music listening experience, allowing for a clear awareness of sounds coming from the left, right, and everywhere in between. With two separate auxiliary inputs, each StereoSpace half can be used as a mini amplifier for two musicians to individually connect their electronic instruments and have a mini jam session anywhere!

Gianni Teruzzi

Industrial Designer
United Kingdom

"I’m an Italian Argentine industrial designer currently based in the United Kingdom.
My work seeks to spark "wow!" moments in users' everyday lives." 


Evo - Wireless Video Streamer
Evo: by celebrating both antenna and connections, Evo is a wireless video streamer that looks to re-engage the everyday user with a completely different experience.

Eiome - Digital Sound Experimentation Kit
Eiome: a digital proposition to a percussion instrument. Eiome leverages 21st century technology to create new experimental opportunities for the everyday musical enthusiast.

Huggl - Induction Power Pack
Huggl: introducing inductive charging on-the-go. Huggl is a portable power pack that uses stretch fabric with rubber beads to stimulate new haptic experiences and higher social interactions.


Tempo - Sport Metronome Concept (designed with DCA Design)
Tempo: control the rhythm of your pace on-the-go. Tempo is a sport metronome that smartly leverages the motivational power of music to push the user’s performances to the next level.

HK.L - Sound System Concept
HK.L is a wireless speaker concept design that explores a new sound narrative for Harman Kardon through the use of light.