As an Interior Architect & Designer I passionately work with historical existing buildings, using techniques I have attained through my education I can successfully transpire my conceptual thinking into working design solutions. I enjoy working with sculptural formations to achieve a sense of spatial design, which I can then develop to communicate my intentions for particular spaces. Inspired by the workings of Barbara Hepworth, Antoni Gaudí, Santiago Calatrava and Thomas Heatherwick. 

Strongest Skill Set: 3D Rendering, Hand Drawings & Model Making

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This sculpture derives from the heart of the Syrian Crisis, working as a platform to display an evolution from chaos to community. At first glance the structure appears disconnected, chaotic and deconstructed, but as the form develops it becomes focused and intriguing.  The techniques used to create this model are a hybrid between modern technology and traditional hand skills. The wooden frame has been crafted using a laser cutter whilst each piece of thread has been hand stitched on.

Each strand of thread representing a single member in a community as they begin their journey, tessellating into a structure. Each panel has been given a unique pattern to represent a new culture adjacent to another, in a balanced infusion within a single entity. The colours representing each element that becomes the Host Building The Boathouse 4; Green the symbol for land; blue symbolising sea and finally black to represent the history that envelopes the historic dockyard.

The wooden frame shows the strength and skeletal properties of the project, and its durability to be formed into complex designs. With each triangle stitched together, using the three significant colours, binding the sculpture into the geometric formation. The central point of the structure has been left exposed, to reveal a three dimensional element becoming the heart of the form. The thread like the veins to a human, interconnecting each piece of the frame.