My name is Bryn Edwards and I am studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University. Design based projects I have undertaken at university include creating a directional form, re-designing a DAB radio using a chosen design influence, the analysis and re-design of a given commercial product (slim brush in my case), re-designing a ticket machine, creating a child's scooter on Creo 2.0 then having to render it on software such as photoshop CS5 and Keyshot; As well as these modules and more I have also been equipped with the skills of fabrication (Product:- Plainer), Model making (Mp3 player) and Machining (PCB holder). As well as my qualifications in design I am also an FA Level 1 footbal coach. I currently work in Arsenal Soccer Schools Middlesex and with Reading FC London Development.

If you wish to find out more about my education, experience or qualifications, feel free to get in touch.

Featured Projects Top to Bottom: Trugains, Osteomate, Dilo, Caldo Capelli

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