For the past two months I was in Europe studying in an innovation based program, most of my time spent in Italy I tried to look for inspiration in my everyday surroundings or more specifically architecture. For every day of my stay I would draw a location whether it'd be an iconic or a more generic location or structure. I try to look for interesting elements to create a dynamic composition in order to create harmonized drawings. Being a visual oriented individual makes me observe the most that I can wherever I am in the world and apply my findings to design how ever it may be. 

Sketch 15: Amsterdam, Holland - 7/20/16
Sketch 16: Rome, Italy - 6/18/16
Sketch 13: Florence, Italy - 7/2/16
Sketch 10: Paris, France - 7/16/16
Sketch 17: ( Benetton Fabrica) Treviso, Italy - 6/15/16