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Here are three jpegs from a personal project I’ve been working on where I’m creating flat “Material Design” style illustrations of national retail stores. In these illustrations I’m also simplifying the company logos down to their most recognizable form. 

This project was inspired when I was working as a visual designer for a large retailer here in Atlanta. We were designing enterprise apps using Material Design as the foundation. And although we later deviated away from this design system quite a bit, it gave me the opportunity to learn just about every nuance of it. I was, and still am, fascinated by it - so much so that I found myself creating Material Design icons and flat illustrations based off that style in my own free time. Out of all of that - my retail store project was born. The objective has been to not only illustrate the stores and place them in fanciful settings, but also simplify the company logos down to their most recognizable forms.

My process for this project has been quite different than the way I usually approach an illustration. Normally I sketch out my illustrations, scan them in and redraw them in Illustrator. I found that process too restrictive for this project. For these illustrations I use photography I’ve either taken myself or have found online and use them as a reference. One illustration is a combination of many of these images. Then I draw everything directly in Illustrator. I find this process quicker and looser for flat illustrations. I think it’s because there isn’t a lot of detail in them. The entire illustration is completed in Illustrator.