Geometrik Design comes out through Monica, its creator, a person born in a family linked textiles and fashion, which has always been closely linked to the world of design and decoration Barcelona.

Faithful follower of minimalist, modern, Nordic and functional style, its first field tests was her home, her first project, converting a chocolate factory in its current home, a lovely studio loft where geometric shapes and white, with open environments, nothing loaded, which is predominantly combine the simplicity of assembly and the harmonious arrangement of each object. He started doing their own lamps, followed with beanbags, hammocks, tables ...

From there, coupled with the good acceptance that had their creations to their friends and family, it was proposed to get their products to everyone that would like to enjoy.

Providing a stylish decor inspired by the minimalist aesthetic, innovative creations in the originality of its proposal and the authenticity of handmade products, translating into each object a unique and exclusive design, offering a genuine vision of how to decorate your home or any space, not to mention market trends.