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The world is currently facing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War, with over 19.5 million refugees living in what the UN calls protracted situations. This was the starting point. My attention was quickly focused on the developing world, as I found that over 86% of the world’s refugees are currently accommodated here (UNHCR). In some refugee camps up to 60% of the inhabitants are children, with 51% of refugees worldwide being under the age of 18. With the average number of years refugees are displaced being 17 years; for a child can be their entire school life. 

The idea is simple. With just two natural elements; water and earth, a sustainable writing solution becomes possible.

Water and earth are collected through self-housed containers stowed in the main body of the mixing station. Both of the elements are added through the funneled top for amalgamation. The manual crank handle is then turned to simultaneously grind and mix the solution, before it is finally filtered. ‘erthe.’ pens, which work like a ballpoint, are also self-housed and can be refilled by removing the end stopper. Using the optic nozzle on the station, exactly 12.5ml is dispensed with a simple push.

The result – a semi-permanent, renewable, writing solution.