Makers Union, Durban, South Africa


Based in Durban (South Africa), Makers Union is a collaborative furniture design and manufacture project that works with private clients, graphic and built environment designers and other makers. Each item is treated as a team project and the client involvement is considered imperative. The business’s core focus is designing and building quality pieces of furniture together with accepting commission work as well as occasionally repurposing and refurbishing existing pieces. For commission work, the process includes creating a brief from your requirements, presenting 3 dimensional perspectives and details so you get a realistic idea of your design and finally building a quality product put together with the utmost care and consideration of its end use.

I’ve include images of a project for a front-of-house shop belonging to locally based clothing designer: Jane Sews. The company is well established and owned by a young gutsy designer.  Her brief was a refreshing mix of aesthetics and practicality. Cost was a consideration so maximisation of materials was taken into account in the planning stages. The clothing brand is fresh and clean and to keep with that theme, we used birch ply and reclaimed Baltic pine finished with a clear matt water based sealer.  The materials and finish are as light and bright as possible without going to colour spray finishes or using costly light coloured hardwoods. Overall this project was extremely rewarding and fun.  The creative process with the client was one of the driving forces that led to a final product we are proud to stand by. All designs submitted remain the intellectual property of Paul Figueira & Makers Union and are not to be replicated unless paid for and agreed to in writing.