‘Light box’
The context of our 'Light Box' was to create a chair with a transition between distant and friendly over time. We wanted to provide this trough the experience of interaction between the possible users and our chair. For this interaction we used Arduino to control the lighting and movement sensors. 

The concept behind the chair is 'the meeting of a stranger'. The experience begins with a white flickering light to convey a more scary feeling, comparable to the feeling when you first meet a stranger. But still, it grabs your attention and makes you curious about the chair, or about a new person. As you start approaching the chair, it will turn purple. Purple is often linked to the imagination. In this case, it stands for the imagination about the new person you meet. You don’t know about their life and personal details, but a first impression is made within the first seconds. You imagine what kind of person you have just met. When you approach the chair even closer, it turns blue. Blue stands for trust. As you get closer to someone, you learn to trust each other more and more. The flickering is at a minimal pace, since it might still be scary to trust a new person. The non-flickering stages appear when you approach the chair even more. From orange, which is a mix of the powerful red and the friendly yellow, to yellow itself. As you sit on the chair, the final stage will begin. In this stage all the colors will occur in turn repeatedly. This visualizes the emotional rollercoaster you go through in a friendship.

Rosalie: "My vision is to find beauty in everything and everyone and to explore and develop this beauty. If people would just take a minute to look around, become more aware of what is around us, what are we feeling, what do we want? Getting closer to your surroundings and hereby closer to yourself, away from society's influences, standards and demands. So you can start exploring the world and your own beauty." In my interpretation, this meant developing a chair where people could get closer to. With our chair we want people to be able to become really aware of what they are feeling and therefore provide a chair with a certain interaction with the human feelings. 
Kevin: My vision within design focusses on a unique kind of interaction between the user and a product. I love to create such an interaction which enables the user to discover more about the product while playing with it. The way I implemented this within this elective was by creating a chair that draws attention at first sight, which then leads to an interest in the item. While approaching the chair, the user finds out more about the interaction and the consequences of said interaction.

Industrial Design students based in 'the City of light’, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, at Eindhoven University of Technology
Under supervision of professor David McCallum we designed an interactive chair: ‘Light Box’