Concrete design objects creation

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My name is Lionel and I am the creator of Croque Béton. Self-taught and enjoying manual work, I have always been passionate about the synergy between the different materials used in design decoration. I work in an aesthetic but also a utilitarian purpose by creating practical and uncluttered objects.


Design and aesthetics of raw materials

Croque Béton was born from the idea of highlighting the raw material which has a strong aesthetic potential.The design can give a contemporary touch to a room and modernity to an interior and concrete is a raw and industrial material that can be elegant and refined. The wish to Croque Béton is to mix textures and colors for realize original objects and sublimate, in all its forms, this material with strong decorative character who is the concrete.


From project to conception

I create my designs on 3D software. From this 3D model, I realize a silicone mold, negative of the piece to be manufactured. In this silicone mold, I pour concrete tinted that I work to give it a porous appearance. I use an ultra high performance concrete tinted in the mass with natural pigments or oxides. Reinforced with glass fibers, the particularity of this concrete lies in its very high density.

Once the molding dry, I un-mold the piece and let it dry for several days. After drying, I proceed to the finishing step by applying to the piece a layer of filler to seal the pores and reveal the tint of the concrete and a layer of protective varnish.
I also realize diamond engravings on CNC. The engraved motif emerges from a lighter shade and brings a bright contrast to the object without using a painting that would mask the appearance of the concrete.

Other projects are under development, notably the combination of concrete and fiber optics for concrete-light design creations.