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Your Body of Water

Your Body of Water is an interactive display that responds wirelessly to your heart rate. As your heart rate goes up the water gets stormier with larger and faster moving waves and choppier winds. As your heart rate goes down the water goes calm. The project is based upon the idea that heart rate is connected to our emotional state. If we are stressed or excited our heart rate goes up, and when we are relaxed it lowers. 

Overall the project aims to get users more in touch with how their are feeling through this aesthetic representation of their heart rate and corresponding emotional states. 

How it works: A 3D camera (the Intel RealSense camera) looks at your eyes and uses the subtle colour changes as blood pumps through to calculate your heart rate. But instead of visualizing your heart rate as a number, your heart rate is visualized as water to help people reflect on how they are feeling whenever they walk by the display. 

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