Martins Ribeiro

Product, Commercial & Advertising Photography

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Creating images of products means that I have to get to know you, the designer, who created the product. I look at the shape and try to understand it’s function and why you designed that way. I look at the material, texture and details and try to understand your intentions, what makes it unique, and what is important to highlight. 

I want to communicate your strengths and qualities in a pleasing and attractive way. It’s essential that the viewer can “feel” the product, recognise it’s values and understands it’s design. 

To create my images, I start by holding the product and moving it in every conceivable direction to get a feeling of it’s weight, shape, material and texture. Sometimes the items are too big so I move around them.


Then, a sketch is created that shows all the important aspects of the product and is inline with the art direction or intended use of the image. After that, the mood of the image is defined, using props when necessary, to convey the intended use of the product and target client. That is achieved with light. 

Creating images of the products is a very rewarding, as one gets the chance to work with really creative people, the product designers.