Zoomorphik by Pamela Prichett

Textile Design
New York, NY

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Zoomorphik’s Yoga Animals

Zoomorphik began as a design project for creating a collection of toys intended to introduce yoga to kids. While working on a branding project for a children’s yoga studio I became intrigued by the story behind animal yoga poses.

Once upon a time people knew they could learn how to stay healthy by observing and imitating
the movements of animals. This idea inspired a series of illustrations that highlighted the visual connection between animal asanas and their human counterparts. The resulting series became a children’s book titled, “Downward Dog with Diego,” published by Blue Apple Books, an award winning and innovative leader in children’s books. Released in August of 2016, “Downward Dog with Diego” became the spring board for Zoomorphik’s first batch of play pillows. 

These 2-sided, uniquely shaped pillows, based on the characters from the book, show a colorful animal on one side and its matching child friendly yoga pose on the reverse. Designed to intuitively spark movement, celebrate the human connection to the animal world and encourage a lasting practice of well being through yoga and play.


More ideas and designs followed.