Shail Iyer

Nature Inspired Design
Pune , India

In this class room project the brief was to design a product inspired by nature. So I chose Japanese Koi fish as my inspiration. The reason I took Koi fish as my inspiration is because of its form, texture and also the way they move. During the research I studied about its movements with the other fishes. They have a beautiful way of moving underwater. In my final design i have tried incorporating the movement and the form of the Koi fish. 

I wanted to keep the design as minimal as possible while also ensuring that it it ergonomic.Hence I started sketching the Koi and it's varieties to help me understand the form and the similarities of the species.

After an in depth exploration I decided to develop a cutlery set inspired from the idea that Koi fish are usually found in pairs of two, just like fork and knife or spoon and knife.  These are some of the ideation sketches, CAD models and final prototype.

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