Riikka Kaartilanmäki

Textile designer


The designer Riikka lives and works on a quiet countryside of Eastern Finland. Her life is surrounded by the woods, small islands and the largest lake in Finland, Lake Saimaa. In nature, at home and during travels Riikka spots elements to play with and build a pattern from. Riikka's work combines influences from the fresh simplicity of the nature around and visual memories of old Finnish textiles. She's a nostalgic and her goal is to design timeless fabrics, suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors.


Aapiste is a textile brand created by a textile designer Riikka Kaartilanmäki.
The products are handprinted by traditional silk screen technique with non-toxic water based printing inks. The material in Aapiste products is mainly linen because of the beautiful rough nature and the dim sheen of it. Linen is a durable and timeless material, which dries fast and its qualities improve with time. Aapiste collection is designed and manufactured in Finland.