Oliver Phillips

Product Designer
University of Brighton, Brighton, UK.



The brief for Eco-Touch was to "Create a lightweight cycling aid for both experienced and amateur cyclists, using mainly the process of 3D printing”. The concept design stemmed from the realisation that cyclists spend upwards of £70 on cycling computers; devices fitted onto the bicycle that display speed, time, stopwatch, calories burned, etc. Why spend money on a device like this when most people will have all the technology and more inside their mobile phones?

Eco-Touch is a fully waterproof, adjustable, detachable cycling accessory that holds a mobile phone safely onto a bicycle, centred on the handlebars for use with maps, music, fitness apps, Strava, SMS, and phone calls in the event of an emergency. It is suitable for many different phone sizes, with various attachments that suit the specific dimensions of each mobile phone. The phone screen and on/off buttons are fully functional through the case, with the use of waterproof mechanical buttons. The materials used in the design are also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

The phone housing is detachable, waterproof, shock absorbent, and lightweight for the ultimate protection against the elements, and contains an internal to external aux lead for music and answering phone calls without removing the device from the housing, a rear window for the camera and torch, and a scratch resistant layer between the phone screen and the outside world. The phone housing can be removed from the bicycle with ease, to avoid theft and to take pictures etc. without removing the device from the protective housing in bad weather conditions. The product features a universal bicycle light fitting, the positioning of the light in the centre of the handlebars also solves the issue of having to continually re-adjusting the light to the right direction when cycling, thus distracting the cyclist from traffic, pedestrians, and other potential hazards. This product also has many other potential applications, such as for motorbikes, kayaking, boating, and even paragliding.

Eco-Touch has been awarded 3rd Place in the NSEC (National Science & Engineering Competition) 2016 Senior Category out of 75,000 entries. 1st Place in the WJEC Innovation Awards CAD/CAM Category 2016 out of 16,000 entries, and received a Gold CREST Award from the British Science Association.