Gianni Teruzzi

Industrial Designer
United Kingdom

"I’m an Italian Argentine industrial designer currently based in the United Kingdom.
My work seeks to spark "wow!" moments in users' everyday lives." 


Evo - Wireless Video Streamer
Evo: by celebrating both antenna and connections, Evo is a wireless video streamer that looks to re-engage the everyday user with a completely different experience.

Eiome - Digital Sound Experimentation Kit
Eiome: a digital proposition to a percussion instrument. Eiome leverages 21st century technology to create new experimental opportunities for the everyday musical enthusiast.

Huggl - Induction Power Pack
Huggl: introducing inductive charging on-the-go. Huggl is a portable power pack that uses stretch fabric with rubber beads to stimulate new haptic experiences and higher social interactions.


Tempo - Sport Metronome Concept (designed with DCA Design)
Tempo: control the rhythm of your pace on-the-go. Tempo is a sport metronome that smartly leverages the motivational power of music to push the user’s performances to the next level.

HK.L - Sound System Concept
HK.L is a wireless speaker concept design that explores a new sound narrative for Harman Kardon through the use of light.