Leon Brown

Industrial Designer  
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"I’ve always been inspired by objects that fascinate their audience by the way that they function; and as such, all of my designed pieces work around the principle of appearing magic or unique in the way that they work, to encourage users to explore the object and build up an emotional relationship with it. I remember picking up an iPod as a child and not understanding exactly how it functioned, but having to learn through use, making myself inevitably more invested in keeping the object."

WAV006 Situation1_alt.jpg

A music player that forms a more perfect union between our understanding of mechanical functionality, and the realities of the digital age in which we are inculcated. Instead of pressing inward on flat displays, Wave encourages more dynamic interaction in vacant space - twist to adjust volume, swipe to select songs, and pause. It utilises hand-tracking to measure motion and control your home audio in a more natural and expressive way, and brings us closer to technology - it is the shape of things to come.

WAV002 App_alt.jpg
WAV002 Actions.jpg