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Illustrations for The Hippogriff

The project brief was to create a bunch of illustrations, aimed at being printed on merchandise and sold at an ecommerce site titled “The Hippogriff”. These illustrations would be placed on everyday products like laptop sleeves, tote bags, throw pillows, cell phone cover, notebooks etc. This project earned the SEMIFINALIST status in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. It was also featured on designideas.


Design Tip: You have to make thousands of drawings before an illustration is perfected.

Jonathan Lawes


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Handmade Geometric Notebooks


They are A6 in size and come with 48 lined pages inside. So far I have 4 different designs, but due to the popularity and good feedback received, I hope to expand the collection soon. Stationery is something that I've always had a fascination for and I'm pleased to be utilising my designs for that purpose. 


The ideas came from some test screenprints I was trying out in my studio, randomly layering colours on top of one another and creating subtle tones and shapes. From these initial prints I focused on specific sections and worked them back into the computer, creating the digitally printed front/back covers. 


Josep Pedro

Industrial Design
Valencia - Spain

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Chevrolet - SS Watch

SS Watch_2.jpg

Car lovers are always driving and they shouldn't be looking at their smartphones. Unfortunately for them, we are frequently receiving notifications to our phones, that's why SS Watch was created.

SS Watch_3.jpg

Its shapes are inspired by the legendary Chevrolet Camaro SS and it is available in two models: stainless steel strap and black leather strap.

SS Watch_4.jpg

SS Watch is a wearable device that allows us to be connected with each other without using our mobile phones. It is synced with all our devices making us more productive in a safer way.

SS Watch_9.jpg

Martin Ortiz

Lead Industrial Designer
Miami , FL, USA

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Performer Headphones - 808 Audio

808 Performer personal 3.jpg

These headphones were designed for 808 Audio USA. Name; Performer.  

Performer 2.jpg

Performer headphones was designed for and in collaboration with EDM DJ AUDIEN, based on his performance style and behavior.

808 Performer scene 1.jpg

Light weight, laser cut metallic structure, easy to clean materials, replaceable/exchangeable head band, rotating ear cups (back and forward), Cord and Bluetooth versions, high quality sound drivers and patented ear-cup suspension system.

808 Performer personal 1.jpg

Want to see more? Check our Martin's site here!

Mathieu Baesen

Student Master of Science Industrial Design Engineering Technology
Ghent University - Belgium


"I believe an industrial designer is not just an artist, we don't deliver fully ready masterpieces. We are guiding a process for our client or ourselves, and sketching is a way to communicate ideas to all stakeholders."

Quick Sketch


Words can be hard to understand each other, drawings need to be quick and simple to explain ideas to 'non-professionals' or to get the design to a higher level when cooperating with professionals. So I believe a designers sketch is just a nice looking doodle because we don't have hours to draw something till the latest detail when were having a meeting. For this reason I started practicing with 15-minutes sketches, to just focus on visualizing an idea and don't loose yourself into details or fancy highlights, no eraser allowed :)

Leon Brown

Industrial Designer  
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"I’ve always been inspired by objects that fascinate their audience by the way that they function; and as such, all of my designed pieces work around the principle of appearing magic or unique in the way that they work, to encourage users to explore the object and build up an emotional relationship with it. I remember picking up an iPod as a child and not understanding exactly how it functioned, but having to learn through use, making myself inevitably more invested in keeping the object."

WAV006 Situation1_alt.jpg

A music player that forms a more perfect union between our understanding of mechanical functionality, and the realities of the digital age in which we are inculcated. Instead of pressing inward on flat displays, Wave encourages more dynamic interaction in vacant space - twist to adjust volume, swipe to select songs, and pause. It utilises hand-tracking to measure motion and control your home audio in a more natural and expressive way, and brings us closer to technology - it is the shape of things to come.

WAV002 App_alt.jpg
WAV002 Actions.jpg